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Tips from an SEO copywriter

SEO copywriting

SEO copywriting doesn’t have to be dull and formulaic. The tone can still be brimming with personality and the words can leap off the screen to grab your ideal client’s attention. But lurking beneath that sparkling syntax is some SEO wizardry to catch Google’s eye and encourage the search engine to pick that page to be on their team rather than stranded on the sub’s bench. 

Recently, a client approached me for help with their website. They’d been writing multiple blogs, but they weren’t being read. Crafting clever copy takes time and it deserves to be found. I’ve spent years working in digital content and learning ways to engage people. Much as I enjoy telling stories and creating well-written features, it’s a waste of time if nobody finds it. Does that sound familiar?

I’ve learned how to lay the foundations for good content by gaining skills as an SEO copywriter. My objective when it comes to SEO is that I create content that humans engage with and search engines rank. Is that what your business needs? Then here are three good reasons to hire an SEO copywriter.

Reasons To Hire An SEO Copywriter

  1. An SEO Copywriter Can Attract The Right People To Your Site
  2. An SEO Copywriter Can Create The Content Your Audience Is Searching For
  3. An SEO Copywriter Can Convince Your Audience To Take Action

An SEO Copywriter Can Attract The Right People To Your Site

I’m talking about quality not quantity here. There are all sorts of tricks to use to get masses of people to your site, but that won’t boost your business. It just gives you superficial bragging rights. 

Before I write a word, I do my research to find the best search terms for a business. First and foremost, I’ll chat to the business owner – the person best placed to brief me on the brand, the target audience, the products or services and the aims. Then I’ll put myself in their ideal customer’s shoes and research a raft of keywords, search terms and competitors to inform the SEO strategy for the business and its content.

The result? More of the right people will be attracted to your site. 

An SEO Copywriter Can Create The Content Your Audience Is Searching For

Key themes for SEO are relevance, quality and authority. What does that mean for you? Providing quality, accurate content that is relevant to the search term will tick the boxes with Google. It builds trust with your audience and with the search engine. 

Find out what your audience wants to know and give it to them. If your content engages with them and answers their question, they are likely to trust your brand and remember it. It’s important to think like the ideal customer when creating content. 

The result? A win-win of happy website visitor and happy search engine.

An SEO Copywriter Can Convince Your Audience To Take Action

Well-crafted, SEO-friendly content can lead the right people to your site, but it also needs to make them act. If they don’t find what they are interested in straight away, they will go elsewhere.

It is so important to convince your website visitors to take action. What do you want them to do? It could be to watch a video, subscribe to a newsletter, download a podcast, buy a product or get in touch. So tell them! Make it super simple and obvious for visitors to click on a link to interact with you or your content further.

The result? Visitors to your site will connect with you further and potentially spend their money with you.

What do I want you to do? Get in touch to find out how I can help with SEO copywriting for your site!

“Pippa came to my rescue when I needed help with my SEO.

She thoroughly researched what was needed to increase my visibility, not just from Google’s viewpoint, but also for the keywords that potential clients would use.

The result was a well presented and easy to follow SEO research report, with clear action steps mapped out, so that I could quickly implement all the content changes and recommendations.

Spot on Pippa Jackson Content Expert, thank you!”

Sarah Croud, The Garden Revamp Company

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