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5 simple ways to reduce time on website content

Blog: save time creating website content

I don’t know about you, but there have been weeks lately where I’ve felt quite overwhelmed by my to-do list. Juggling client work with running my business and managing home and family life can send my head into a spin some days.

Writing a new blog was on that to-do list for too long. It didn’t quite make it to the top though. Sound familiar?

So, I need to take some of my own advice. If it was a client or friend talking to me about the problem, I’d know exactly what to suggest to help them manage it all. So I’m going to be a friend to myself and follow a few simple time hacks to reduce time on website content.

Review your content strategy

How often are you creating new blogs or content for your website? What does your content strategy say?

Don’t have one? Well, you should. You may be spending a lot of time creating content that doesn’t work for you. A strategy will focus your activity in the most important areas. Areas that target your audience and engage them.

If you create blogs that contain the most appropriate keywords and provide content that attracts your audience then you could do it less frequently. Sounds like a win to me.

Reuse your content

Feeling stressed about having to create something new every time? Social media can feel a particular pressure I find. There’s so much advice out there stating the optimum frequency to post – daily, twice daily, thrice daily… And that’s on top of your actual day job.

I’ll let you into a secret. It’s ok to reuse content (as long as it’s still relevant). If you have a blog that performs well, share it again. If a post has proved popular, reuse it. You may reach new people with it second (third or fourth) time around. Or it may just be the right topic at the right time for somebody who didn’t engage with it last time.

Reduce your content schedule

I’ll be honest with you. My content strategy specified weekly blogs. For a while, that worked well. But my situation has changed since that was defined. So I’ve readjusted my content strategy to reflect the changes in my business. I blog less frequently now, yet my business is doing better. Reducing time on my website content has not meant attracting less people. Phew!

Don’t have a content strategy? I can help with that – let’s chat.

Prepare in advance

There are days when words don’t come easy. That isn’t the day to write a blog if you want it to resonate with people. There will be other days when you feel creative, inspired and, maybe, fuelled by coffee. That is the day or time to get typing and working on your blog.

On that day, go for it and write several blogs rather than just today’s. Preparing in advance will pay dividends later on. There will be a day later on when you want to publish something fresh but the thoughts aren’t flowing. That’s when you can feel smug. Ta dah! Here’s one I prepared earlier…

Outsource it

Leave it to someone else. If creating regular, fresh, compelling content feels like a chore, don’t do it. Spend your time focussing on the areas of your business that you do best. Hire a content professional to create your blogs. It’ll be money well spent and your business will benefit from it.

Good luck! Let me know how you get on.

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