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Is your website feeling a bit stale? Thinking about getting a shiny, new one? You could save some money and give your current website a revamp.

  • Perhaps the wording doesn’t quite match your business’ outlook anymore
  • Perhaps it’s not engaging people as you’d like
  • Perhaps it’s attracting an audience but not converting
  • Or perhaps your competitor’s site is looking a bit swankier than yours and that’s given you a case of the green-eyed monster.

Now is the ideal time to switch things up. Life is opening up again and people are coming out of hibernation. Some are springing out with the vigour and enthusiasm of Tigger, whilst others are crawling out into the light slowly, cautiously and squinting at the brightness.

Your audience needs you

It’s so important to know your audience. Create your ideal client persona – name them, visualise them, know them inside out. Then, think of them when you write your content. Your messaging on every platform needs to resonate with them consistently.

Think about where your audience is right now and how you can help them. How will your offering solve their problem better than anyone else’s? Your audience will be looking around, so your content needs to stand out and engage with them.

Does every bit of content on your website do that? If not, consider a rewrite or reworking of your content and content strategy.

It’s all about the data

What do the stats tell you? You should be monitoring your site’s performance regularly to see how it’s working. The analytics are key to your content strategy. Are people looking around the site? Are they spending time engaging with your content? Are they buying from you? Are they returning? How are they finding you? What are the pain points on their journey?

If you’re not looking at the analytics regularly (daily/ weekly/ monthly), you’re missing a trick. There’s no point publishing content blindly. You need to know it’s working for you and being found by your ideal clients. Otherwise, you are wasting your time.

Do you know how your site’s performing? Do you check the data regularly and adjust your content accordingly? It’ll open your eyes to understanding your audience and content better. 

Look good, feel good

Remember how good that first haircut after lockdown felt? Honestly, I felt transformed. I had a renewed energy, confidence and positivity. I hadn’t realised the power that my hairdresser held in her scissor-hands (she doesn’t actually have scissor-hands, but she does have power!).

A website revamp can have a similar effect digitally. It’ll make people look and admire it again. It’ll have a renewed energy and appeal. Done well, it’ll perform better and appear higher in search engine rankings. You may also love it a bit more and share it across your other platforms, like social channels and emails. All that will help too.

Benefits of a website revamp

A revamp doesn’t have to cost a fortune either. We’re talking about tweaks rather than a full on redesign (although a full on redesign does have its merits too). These changes can be relatively simple and completed in a short space of time, but they will make an impact.

A considered and strategic website revamp can help your business to achieve its aims – boost performance, increase sales, create more conversions or make your brand stand out.

I can help you with that. Contact me to find out how to revamp your website now.

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