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The value in listening

I read an article recently that piqued my interest. It focussed on the ‘quiet people in the room’. The ones who sit and listen in meetings rather than making sure that their voices are heard. It resonated with me as I am one of those people. I’ve been in countless meetings where I’ve watched the power play between people desperate to say something (anything) to make sure that they are visible and noted. Meanwhile, I (and others like me), sit back and listen. We soak up all that is said and digest it, adding our voices when it will be of value rather than just to be part of the noise.

“Bright sparks know when to listen, and learn.”

Tim Denning

Listening is not the same as hearing. It involves actively giving attention to sounds, including someone speaking. It is a powerful action and imperative for learning. I’ve always been a fan of radio, but I’ve discovered the joy of podcasts more recently. I listen to a variety of podcasts and I am learning so much from hearing the different voices. Be they business-focussed, digital trends, health and wellbeing or pure entertainment, I can tune in to hear from different people and learn from their experience. I love it!

Listening is often the only thing needed to help someone

Listening well is one of the key skills in my toolbox. I pride myself in listening to friends and family to understand what’s happening for them. I listen to my son and his friends as they exchange tales of Transformers, playground antics and their fantasy worlds where cheetahs don jetpacks and race around the world. These insights help me to understand them that bit more, and enable me to contribute meaningfully to the chatter (a true test of my creative mind!).

Importantly, I listen intently to my clients so that I can hear their voices and tell their stories authentically. This process is vital. Often, my writing needs to appear as theirs. I need to inhabit their brand, convey their business’ messaging and be the brand’s voice. My clients need to trust me to do that. That’s why I start the process with conversations with clients so that I hear the stories from them, and gain insights into the language they use and the personality behind their brand.

“To listen is to change your life”

Tim Denning

Helping voices to be heard

One of the aspects of my work that thrills me the most is helping quieter voices to be heard. There is such a cacophony of noise online that it is easy for your voice to get lost. Using the skills that I’ve honed over time, I can carve out ways to help you and your brand be found. I sprinkle your website with magical copy that connects with your people and makes search engines take note too. I can make a real difference to your business.  

I’d love to hear from you and to amplify your voice online. If you’d like help with telling your stories, I’d love to listen to them. Please get in touch to find out how we can work together.

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