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Content strategy and planning

I love it when a plan comes together. I will devise an editorial strategy to give your content a distinct voice and intention.

Website content and management

I can create blogs and editorial and manage your digital content to engage your audience and spur them into action.

Social media strategy and planning

Confused by social media? I can help you through the maze, whether you want to manage social yourself or leave it to me.


I write meaningful and SEO-friendly copy to help to boost your website's presence and to connect with your ideal clients.


Let me work with you to find creative solutions to your problems. I can help to find your brand's voice and audience.


These flexible sessions are designed to suit your business needs. We can brainstorm, focus on learning or plan.


I create content. I write content. I edit content. I check content. I devise content. I plan content. I assess content. And of course, I consume content and adore it.


I’m Pippa and I’ve been working on digital content professionally for 20 years. I’ve learnt from some of the best storytellers around – the amazing team at EastEnders who pump out an incredible volume of quality drama year after year; the brilliant broadcasters at Network Ten Sydney who know how to craft and sell a story; and the wonderful writers at woman&home who whet the appetite for the latest food, fashion and lifestyle trends.

I’ve worked on major websites and social channels, and I’ve also helped to launch the offerings for small, unknown brands. I love to construct a story – be it a fictional narrative or a promotional hook. I’ve created amazingly successful content and I’ve learnt from the stuff that’s bombed.

I am passionate about the written word and I can turn my hand to writing about almost anything. I can boost a business’ profile and make people sit up and listen (or read). I’ve created blogs and articles on topics ranging from ‘The Top 5 Shows To Watch Now’ to ‘How To Build Business Resilience’ and brand insights into prestigious companies such as Mulberry and Bentley, and a wealth of subjects in between. I tailor my writing style to suit your business and to be appropriate for your clients.

My hometown is Leigh-on-Sea, Essex and it keeps on drawing me back. I’ve moved away to London, Brighton and as far as Sydney, Australia and yet, like a boomerang, I keep on returning.

I have an MA in Digital Media and a plethora of professional courses under my belt. I have the backing to brand myself a Content Expert.

Personally, I’m a mum, a partner, a sister and a friend. I love fitness, food, adventures, good company and escaping with a gripping drama or a captivating book. One day I’ll write my own book, perhaps the sequel to my first attempt at the age of eight.

I want to help people to be content with their content. It’s so important to get your content right on your website, social channels and on all promotional material.

If you’ve read this far and want to know more, please get in touch


These are some of the many brands that I've worked with throughout my career

Pippa is one of the best editorial content specialists I’ve ever worked with. She has a creative answer to any brief, an unwavering eye for detail, and an innate understanding of audience, style and tone. A rare combination indeed.

Tristan Burke – Lead Digital Editor

"Pippa is an experienced content editor and stakeholder maestro whose calm and measured authority brought much needed stability and focus to an overstretched team during a period of organisational transformation.”

Cat Finlayson – Head of Communications

We use Pippa here at PCS for our creative content creation and blog writing and she does a great job!

David Chamberlain – Director

"Pippa is a super safe pair of hands for digital content. She always comes up with creative solutions and she has the commercial expertise to back it up."

Richard Lindmark – Digital Product Manager


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