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I have been so delighted to receive wonderfully positive feedback on my website and, in particular, my copy. One comment that I received this week really touched me and made me smile. An incredibly supportive friend praised me for, not only putting myself and my business out there, but also for being so true to myself and presenting the very real me.

That comment got me thinking about the importance of defining your brand tone; the words and concepts that best reflect you and your business. Your choice of words is crucial. Your words can make the difference between someone opting to buy your goods or services or looking elsewhere.

Your brand tone of voice

I love working with clients to define their brand’s tone of voice. I’ve had some really fun sessions as we discuss the words that fit best with the brand and that will really resonate with their audience. I’ve also had to push back on clients who focus too much on words and phrases that they like, but forget the crucial factor – they must work for their audience first and foremost. Your voice needs to speak to your target audience for you to see results.

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Reflect your true self

The term ‘authentic’ is a real buzzword right now and I feel it gets rather overused. However, I believe firmly in being totally comfortable with the words used on all of your promotional platforms and happy with the way that they reflect you and your brand. You should come across as honest and real. Showing your reality and sharing your story is a powerful way to engage with your audience. That’s why it’s really important to think about it before you start typing.

When I work on a company’s content strategy, I think really carefully about the way that brand should be presented. I listen carefully to the brand owner and I define the audience that they want to reach. I picture that person in my head when I write and it helps me to find the right words. Those words may well be different from the ones that I would use on my own website and social channels, and they are likely to differ from the ones I use for another client, but they will fit with the brand that they promote.

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Ditch the phone(y) voice

Years ago, people felt they ought to put on a particular voice to appear professional or informed. I remember my Granny had a ‘telephone voice’ that was far more snooty than her day-to-day voice – think Hyacinth Bouquet – but that was the first impression that she wanted to convey to callers.

These days, things are generally more relaxed, and definitely more open. Even corporate companies aren’t all suits and ties and ‘Yours Sincerely’ now. In these days of remote working and video calls, they’re more likely to be in pyjama bottoms with a small child crawling under the desk! 

Which level of informality do you feel comfortable with? Do you start an email with ‘Hello’, ‘Hey’, ‘Dear’ or ‘To Whom It May Concern’? Does your one-man-band company website use ‘we’ to infer scale, or are you happy to show that you’re a sole trader? I would always encourage you to be truthful and share insights into your world.

It’s helpful to remember that people tend to connect with people. They are more likely to buy from or choose to work with someone that they trust. Make sure that your promotional platforms reflect that with your ideal brand voice.

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