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Time to pivot your business?

The last few months have shaken up our routines, our ways of living and working and, for many, outlooks have changed too. We’ve been through the most unusual time and, hopefully, we are starting to come out the other side. But what has the past few months meant for your business? How does the business landscape look for you now? There are new opportunities for some, whilst others are facing tumbleweed at every turn. Time in lockdown may have allowed you time to think about what you want your business to become. This could be the ideal time to pivot your business.

Creative solutions for small businesses

I’ve found it inspiring to see the innovative ways that businesses have transformed their offering during the lockdown period. The deli that replaced their window displays of artisan oils with hard-to-find essentials like bags of flour. The local bar that began bottling organic cocktails for home delivery. The fabric shop that produced patterns for face masks. The independent toy shop that was deluged with demands for puzzles, science experiments and paddling pools which they promptly delivered to locked down homes. The restaurant that became a community marketplace. The list goes on.

I take my hat off to these businesses and I support them where I can. They go to show the importance of finding creative solutions to a changing landscape.

Ways of pivoting your business

Pivoting your business could mean a radical change of offering or simply tweaking what you do. It could be a major pivot or simply a deviation from your former route. It could be offering something new to existing clients or finding a new audience for your current offering.

Do any of these examples resonate with your business situation of late?

  • Complete pivot of business, offering different services
  • Tweak of business
  • Increase in digital presence
  • Ditched your office premises and gone fully remote
  • Being creative with what you have already
  • Need to reframe what you do and why.

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Small business promotion

Now that the business landscape looks vastly different from the start of this year, it’s an ideal time to review and rework your plans. You may find that the ways that you have been promoting your small business, don’t seem appropriate now. Demand for your products and services may have changed too.

Take a look at your website. Is your content relevant and timely? Does it reflect the needs of your customers today? Is your most appropriate offering, your current hero product, easy to find and understand and, most importantly, purchase?

This is the perfect time to conduct a website review and employ a new content strategy. How can you promote the right services to your target audience? Which words work best for your business right now? A fresh approach to your content and business promotion could make all the difference.

I can help with:

  • Content strategy
  • New buzzwords to promote your business
  • Editorial plan and regular content creation
  • Consultancy or workshops to share ideas and find creative solutions.

If your business is in need of a pivot, a tweak or simply an update of messaging, please get in touch to discuss ways in which I can help.

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