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What is digital content exactly?

I’ve often wished that I had a job title that I didn’t have to explain. If I was a physio, a hairdresser, an accountant or an athlete, I wouldn’t have to qualify my response as the recipient would have an immediate understanding of my role. The trouble with those careers is that I wouldn’t suit any of them – I am renowned for my cold hands (not ideal for physio), can’t cut in a straight line (lopsided fringe anyone?), prefer words to numbers (bye bye accountancy) and I definitely couldn’t give Usain Bolt a run for his money.

Instead, I’m a Content Expert which nearly always needs some sort of further explanation. That explanation can take various forms – I’m a writer, blogger, digital consultant, website manager, social media producer, marketeer, data analyst, editor, proofreader, copywriter, advertiser, the list goes on…

What do I want for your digital content?

I love the fact that content is both an adjective and a noun is relevant to my work. Content, the adjective, means ‘a state of blissful happiness.’ Meanwhile, the most relevant definition of content the noun is ‘information made available on a website or other electronic medium.’ That is why I chose ‘Be content with your content’ as my business mantra. I want you to be in ‘a state of blissful happiness’ with all of the digital content ‘made available on [your] website or other electronic medium.’

Be content with your content

Pippa Jackson

What is digital content exactly?

Website Content – websites need content, no matter what its intended purpose. The digital content on the website could be video, articles, blogs, images, games, polls and quizzes or e-commerce for example.

The right digital content can get your website seen and your voice heard. It can boost your business. It can attract your ideal clients and create engagement with the people that you want to target. And it can cause actions and reactions with your audience – be that laughter, delight, surprise, education or the compulsion to click ‘buy now’, ‘watch now’ or ‘get in touch.’

Social Media Content – social media can be in addition to your website or simply standalone channels. As with websites, the content can vary greatly as can its purpose. Whatever social media content you publish, it reflects your brand and values so it needs to be considered and crafted.

The right social media content can bring people to your brand for information and/or entertainment. It raises awareness of your brand and what you do. Good social media content will get liked and shared which boosts your business profile.

Promotional Content – this content will often be digital content, but it can extend beyond that. It could include printed materials – brochures, leaflets, adverts and advertorials for example. It can be promoted content that is paid for or organic promotional content.

Educational Content – again, this could be pure digital content or printed collateral (or both). It would include informative white papers, documents and booklets. The content isn’t restricted to education providers. Educational content can comprise thought leadership and industry research for example.

This is only a quick overview of some options for digital content. To discuss what content might be right for you and your business, please do get in touch

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