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5 ways to get value out of content creation

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How many of you have a list of backburner projects that you intend to work on when you get time? Are there tasks that you know would be beneficial for your business, but they are never the highest priority?

For many small businesses, digital content creation is one of those things. Business owners often know that blogs can boost a website’s SEO ranking, but they are focussed on the day-to-day running and don’t get round to working on promotional content like blogs. Social media posts, email marketing, newsletters, videos, blogs – there is a plethora of content creation that can add value to your business, but how to manage all of that and do it well? That’s where a content expert can help.

Spending money on outsourcing content creation may seem like a luxury for a small business. It doesn’t have to be. Here are five ways to make the most of that investment and make it work for you and your business.

1. Repurpose one piece of content into multiple social posts

Invest time and/or money on one detailed piece, be that a blog or article, and it can be repurposed into multiple pieces of content. Pull out a pertinent quote and that can be styled into an infographic to post on your social channels. Use a sentence or a succinct, relevant chunk of the article as a social post. The topic of the blog could be one that you want to gather opinions about. Create a poll on your social pages to understand how your audience feels about it. Ultimately, be creative with content creation.

The same theory applies for video as well as blogs. From one long form video, a selection of shorter clips can be made and used in different ways. 

It’s well worth investing in content creation like a professionally-shot video or a well-crafted blog. When you work out the cost per content output, the value of that original piece of content becomes incredibly clear.

2. Recycle content time after time

We all know the benefits of recycling and it’s good to know that recycling content is a positive action to be encouraged too. Don’t be afraid to post the same piece of content multiple times. Different people will see it each time. It will connect with different people at different times. If it’s still relevant, you can publish it for years. That’s why ‘evergreen’ content is a great addition to your website. It’s the blog that keeps on giving.

If a subject within that content becomes topical, it’s a great idea to promote the blog/ video that you have already. Latch on to the trending hashtag and share your relevant content on that topic.

3. Reach different people with smart content publishing

You reach different people on different platforms. That is why your business may benefit from being on various social channels, as well as having a website and perhaps an email newsletter. Take one blog and rework it to suit your various marketing channels. It could make a thought leadership piece on LinkedIn, a conversation starter on Twitter and an eye-catching infographic on Instagram.

Remember, people connect better with content than with ads. Think about how you personally react to ads and content online. Are you more likely to click on the ad or some content (on Google or Facebook for example)? Content that makes people stop scrolling and engage is powerful. If you get your content right, you don’t need to spend on ads too.

4. Remain consistent with your branding

Branding experts reiterate the importance of staying on brand and being consistent in your communications. Reusing and recycling a blog, adheres to this ethos perfectly. You’re actually using the same words and the same themes, but presenting them in different ways. What a time-saving win!

5. Rank better in searches

Blogs and website content created with SEO in mind will help your site to be found by your ideal audience. There’s some science to the art of content creation. Cleverly composed copy will attract the attention of both your potential customers and the search engines like Google. Now that is a win-win!

6. Refine your remit

Ok, I know I said that there are five reasons, but here’s a bonus reason. You have enough on your plate. Running a small business is hard and you have to juggle so many tasks just to keep going. This is one thing that you can hand over to someone else.

A content professional knows how to craft a message and to write a story. They will be well aware of all the points raised in this blog, and probably more. Outsourcing your content to an experienced specialist can leave you with more time to focus on the other aspects of your business and tackle that to-do list. 

If that thought appeals to you, please get in touch to discuss ways in which I can help you with your content.

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